IBM South Bank 2017

Presentation List

IBM Hursley 2016

Presentation List

IBM South Bank 2016

Presentation List

IBM Hursley 2015

Two Speed IT by Andy Humphreys

Architecture and Related topics stream

What's Behind a Good API by Kim Clark

Managing your Integration Middleware with IBM's Application Performance Management Suite by Stephen Ferguson

DevOps & Continuous Test for IIB & IBM MQ by Stuart Feasey

Business Process Management Stream

Achieving Customer Centricity in your Business Decisions by Matt Roberts and Alex Kelly

Placement of BPM components within an SOA by Kim Clark

Anti-patterns for not so Smart Processes: avoiding BPM and SOA pitfalls by Richard Whyte

Cloud / API Management Stream

IBM Datapower Gateway by Hugh Everett

IBM Bluemix by Jon Marshall

IBM API Management by Matt Cronin - presentation to come

IIB and Cloud by Ben Thompson


Effective Application Development and Effective Adminstration in the IBM Integration Bus by Matthew Golby-Kirk - presentation to come

What's New in IIB by Ben Thompson

Open Technologies for Integration by Jon Hosie - presentation to come

IBM Integration Bus - Designing for Performance by Martin Ross

Messaging Stream

What's New in IBM Messaging by Mark Taylor

MQ Light and IBM MQ by Matt Whitehead

IBM MQ and Security by Mark Taylor

IBM MQ Appliance by Anthony Beardsmore

IBM Hursley 2014

Group Presentations

Being a Composable Enterprise by Ben Mann

Business Process Management Stream

IBM BPM and Case Management by Sunil Aggarwal

BPM and Cloud by Matt Tomlinson and Matt Roberts

Patterns for Designing Decision Services in the Enterprise by Duncan Clarke

Heterogeneous BPM for SAP users - new features in IBM BPM by Paul Smith

Cloud, Mobile, API Management Stream

Mobile and Integration by Jon Marshall

IBM API Management by Simon Dickerson

IBM and Cloud, plus Integration in the Cloud by Matt Tomlinson and Ron Phippen


IBM Integration Bus and Caching by Simon Stone

IBM Integration Bus - designing for Performance by Andreas Martens

Integration beyond the Enterprise by Bharat Bhushan

Messaging Stream

What's New in MQ v8 by Morag Hughson

MQ Light, with Demo by Matt Whitehead

IBM Messaging and IoT by Andrew Schofield

Elastic MQ by Mark Philips

MQ Conference Stream 1

Managing Workloads, Scaling & Availability with MQ Clusters by Adrian Dick

MQ v8 Security - Deep Dive by Andrew Akehurst-Ryan and Rachel King

CHLAUTH - Including what's new in V8 by Graham Richards

JMS 2.0 by Luke Saker

MQ Conference Stream 2

Using IBM WebSphere MQ with IBM WebSphere Application Server and the Liberty Profile by Tim Quigley

MQ Pub/Sub - Including what's new in v8 by Adrian Dick

IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS: Performance & Accounting by Mayur Raja

MQ v8 z/OS - Deep Dive by Matt Leming and Mark Wilson

IBM Hursley 2013

Group Presentations

Key Trends in Messaging and Connectivity by Anthony O'Dowd

Case study: Extensible Message Processing Solutions using IBM Software by Richard Whyte

ESB Stream

Using Patterns with WMB v8 and IBM Integration Bus v9 by Ben Thompson

IBM Integration Bus v.9 by Ben Thompson

IBM Integration Bus (aka WebSphere Message Broker): How to analyse your systems to optimise performance and throughtput by Dave Gorman

New / Other Technolgies Stream

IBM DataPower by Chris Everett

WMQ Stream

WebSphere MQ Clustering by Morag Hughson

WebSphere MQ: Migration by Co-existence by Jason Edmeades

A technical overview of WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer by Geoff Judd