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WebSphere Integration User Group UK - IBM Hursley Meeting


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The WebSphere Integration User Group (UK) committee would once again like to invite you to their next UK User Group Meeting, which will be held on Monday 26th June 2017 at IBM Hursley Laboratories, near Winchester, the home of IBMs Messaging, Hybrid Cloud Integration and API technologies. This year the WebSphere Integration User Group has 5 streams covering the following topics: Hybrid Integration, Messaging, API Economy & Gateways, Cloud and Complementary Topics & Technologies.

Agenda and Proof of Technologies

Agenda details to follow.

We have booked several Proof of Technology sessions on Tuesday 27th June and Wednesday 28th June 2017 at IBM Hursley for our core technologies. Proof of Technology (PoT) workshops provide a hands-on experience of the selected IBM technology. Participants will execute labs to learn about the capability provided by the IBM technology. The lectures and labs are designed to first cover concepts. Once completed, the agenda moves quickly into deeper domain capabilities. Please note that these events have limited numbers of seats, so please do book early. In addition, these events require a minimum number of attendees for them to be viable to run.

Proof of Technology (PoT) - Day 1 – Tuesday 27th June : Proof of Technology (PoT) - Day 2 – Wednesday 28th June :

Travel Directions

Travel directions to IBM Hursley can be found here.