About Us


The user group is an independent body, whose purpose is to promote the understanding of WebSphere Integration technologies, and industry trends. These technologies include IBM's Messaging, ESB and BPM technologies, and products include: Typical industry trends covered include:


Our premier event is held once a year at IBM Hursley, the home of WebSphere MQ & IBM WebSphere technologies. A normal year will involve two events; for example:

Dates are for guidance - please see the next event and future events for actual schedules.


The user group is a non-profit making organisation. We predominately service the UK community, and as such normally expect our members to be UK based. Currently we don't expect members to register, but we will be reintroducing this facility soon.

Our Sites

We have three sites:

For more detail on our web site, including our Privacy Policy, follow this link.


The committee meets several times a year to plan and organise the events. We are always interested to know if anyone would like to join us - if you would, then please contact us or see us at one of our events for a face-2-face chat.

The current committee is: